Technical Specs

Siemens Martin Steel hulled twin screw steamer with Kauri decking
Naval Architect:
Hugh McRae of the New Zealand Government Railways Department, Dunedin
John McGregor and Company Ltd., Dunedin.
329.55 gross registered tons, 155.43 net
Registered Length:
165 feet, 7 inches or 50.47 metres.
Length overall:
168 feet 51.2 metres.
24 feet or 7.315 metres
9 feet, 6 inches.
6.6 feet.
Twin coal fired triple expansion, jet condensing vertical marine engines producing 500 horsepower at 145 r.p.m.; cylinder diameters, 13 inches (high pressure), 22 inches (intermediate), 34 inches (low pressure); cylinder stroke, 18 inches
Two locomotive-type boilers with double safety valves; grate area, 48 sq. ft.; heating surfaces, 198 sq. ft. (firebox), 1,420 sq. ft. (tubes); working pressure, 180 lb. per sq. in. (reduced to 160 lb. in 1961); steam steering.
Speed (1912):
13 knots normal, 16 knots under forced draught 19 knots maximum.
Average cruising speed:
12 knots (120 rpm at 160 lb. psi).
Bunker capacity:
Initially 12 tons, later expanded to 14 tons.
Coal consumption at cruising speed:
One tonne per hour.
Passenger capacity (1912):
maximum, 1,035; cargo capacity, 100 tons (or 1,500 sheep, or 200 bales

of wool, or 70 head of cattle).

Ship's company :
Port of registry:
The 36 feet high funnel, originally Buff, was repainted Red with a Black top in July 1959, as the former light colour soon became smoke-stained. The colour was changed again in June 1962 to light Stone with a Black cap, to conform to the livery adopted for the new Wellington-Picton ferry Aramoana; monograms were added with the letters NZR in Yellow on a Green background on both sides of the funnel.

TSS Earnslaw Cutaway
29 April 2011







TSS Earnslaw orginal plans
29 April 2011







TSS Earnslaw original elevation plans
29 April 2011


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